Mental Math Strategies Workbook

Tweet Brilliant Mental Math Short Cuts That Will Amaze Everyone… Discover the amazing techniques from Ancient India that will have you figuring in your head, faster than most adults can with a calculator… Instantly downloadable ebook. Use it in your lesson planning today. In literally minutes from now, you can be doing calculations in your head, quickly, easily, [...] . . . → Read More: Mental Math Strategies Workbook

Montessori Education Method Parents Guide

Tweet Learn How You Can Get Your Child A Great Montessori Education The Montessori method of teaching for your child could be the best choice you make for their education, but you need to choose the right center. This guide shows you how. CLICK HERE to get the Montessori Parents Guide (affiliate link) . . . → Read More: Montessori Education Method Parents Guide

Online Math Tutoring, Games and Worksheets

Tweet Attention Parents of Underperforming Math Students: Is your child having problems keeping up in math class? Do you know why? Are you frustrated with the lack of help to correct the problem? Succeed in: Math!® is your answer. Our unique program identifies exactly what math problems exist for each user and creates a personalized tutoring program [...] . . . → Read More: Online Math Tutoring, Games and Worksheets

Homeschooling Curriculum Resources

Tweet If you are currently homeschooling or are considering this for your children, “Basic Skills” is here to help you. “Basic Skills” are committed to working with the homeschool community to assure success in your homeschooling career. With their professional support and encouragement, they hope to give you the assurance of a job well done. Basic [...] . . . → Read More: Homeschooling Curriculum Resources

Perimeter Worksheets

Tweet Perimeter, edges, sides and vertices get the Maths Worksheets here . . . → Read More: Perimeter Worksheets

Worksheets in PDF and Word

Tweet Multiplication worksheets, mad minute math, math worksheets multiplication facts multiplication table times tables free multiplication tables get the Maths Worksheets here . . . → Read More: Worksheets in PDF and Word

Geometry Worksheets

Tweet Geometry worksheets, as usual – free and printable, are now available for ALL Grade Levels from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. I hope you enjoy giving them to your kids, and I hope your kids enjoy doing them. Thanks for checking out this site. Niamh get the Maths Worksheets here . . . → Read More: Geometry Worksheets