Be an Algebra Brain

Tweet Algebra is one of the most crucial and leading arms of mathematics. Although at beginning it may look to just fly over your head, a lot exercising helps pupils to understand the field of study. pupils will have to study this for many stages, thus it is important to create a powerful base from the [...] . . . → Read More: Be an Algebra Brain

Algebra is Important, no Kidding

Tweet Algebra is a part of maths that is often introduced to students in Jr. High. Many people find the concept of algebra a difficult one to understand. It is actually an advanced form of mathematics that takes the student through a study of structure, relation and quantity. The Base Methods In algebra you will often hear [...] . . . → Read More: Algebra is Important, no Kidding

Maths worksheet: More multiplying decimals by 10 and 100

Tweet Here we have another page on multiplying decimal fractions by 10 or 100. The method used today is to move each number one place to the left when multiplying by ten and two places to the left when multiplying by 100. The decimal point does not move. I seem to remember moving decimal points around [...] . . . → Read More: Maths worksheet: More multiplying decimals by 10 and 100

Year 3 worksheet: counting in tens

Tweet These are a useful couple of pages for children entering Year 3 next term. Counting on and back will still be important in year 3, using up to three digit numbers. Grouping into tens or fives and using tally charts are both effective ways of counting larger numbers. Children seldom get a chance to count a [...] . . . → Read More: Year 3 worksheet: counting in tens

Knowing Algebra

Tweet Let’s Explore Algebra It is an area of mathematics that use letters in replacement of numbers to derive results for a given situation. It is this generalization that often frightens many and quivers some. topics of algebra extend by working through simple tasks such as factoring polynomials and eventually progressing on to finding the inverse [...] . . . → Read More: Knowing Algebra

Two Year Status Update!

Tweet Well, is officially two years old this month! While the summer hasn’t seen a lot of worksheet updates, there have been a number of behind-the-scenes things going on. The site is now updated to WordPress 3.0 and migrated to a larger server to handle the increasing traffic. During busy school days we’re seeing as many [...] . . . → Read More: Two Year Status Update!

Fraction Comparison Worksheets Posted

Tweet New worksheets for comparing fractions have been posted at the link below, or available in the ‘Worksheets’ menu on the side of the page. Hope everyone’s summer vacation is going great! Keep practicing! Comparing Fractions get the math worksheets here . . . → Read More: Fraction Comparison Worksheets Posted

028 TMD How to Use Statistics to Understand Poll Results

Tweet Learn how to use statistics to understand the significance of the latest political polling results and to keep yourself from being duped by misleading information. Questions go to or 206-339-6279. Like what you hear? Help us out by writing a review at iTunes! Listen to the math podcast here . . . → Read More: 028 TMD How to Use Statistics to Understand Poll Results

Why do we Hate Algebra?

Tweet An extensive research carried out to figure out the rationale behind school dropouts shows that many students look at algebra as the culprit. The thoroughness of knowledge of the tutor is not merely sufficient for students to comprehend the algebraic concepts, nor it is adequate to evoke interest about the subject field. It’s the technique; [...] . . . → Read More: Why do we Hate Algebra?

Algebra – Numbers and Letters

Tweet One of the most popular courses of study schools and colleges have for students learning maths is algebra. Although learning algebra is considered challenging, there are a lot of pupils taking this course. A lot of people are not even really sure what is included in algebra but it is not terrifying as a [...] . . . → Read More: Algebra – Numbers and Letters