Homeschool Day

Tweet When the decision is made to homeschool a comon question is how many hours to do, how often and when the hours need to be done.The ability to be flexible in hours, curriculum and  learning styles are the things that underly homeshooling principles  There is no need to keep to the same hours as public [...] . . . → Read More: Homeschool Day

100 Apps for Tech–Savvy Teachers

Tweet Teachers have one of the most difficult jobs out there. As an educator, you have to manage a classroom of boisterous students, organize heaps of data, stay up–to–date with current events and plan lessons day in and day out. In today’s technologically linked world, the ability to use web applications is at your advantage as [...] . . . → Read More: 100 Apps for Tech–Savvy Teachers

Domino Number Fact Worksheets

Tweet   Free math worksheet relating to Number Facts using Dominoes Domino Number Fact Worksheets . . . → Read More: Domino Number Fact Worksheets