Free Printable Basic Math Shape Book

This is a printable book, My Shape Book, about shapes will be suitable for kindergarten through to first grade students, 4-6 yrs approx, UK Reception to years 1 or 2, Key Stage 1.

This is a 6 page pdf book, ready to print out. each page has pictures of the shape and a section to fill in the numbers of sides and corners. The book is black and white line drawing, so will photocopy well.

Shapes covered in the book:

  • Triangles
  • Rectangles
  • Squares
  • Circle

The book is from the mathematics pages and can be downloaded at the link below:

 Free Printable Basic Math Shape Book

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1 comment to Free Printable Basic Math Shape Book

  • Katie

    Great, the Children got on with it fine, they did a page a day we did it for morning work. here is the top class student’ss comment ‘it was fun but a bit easy, i got through it fine and when i took it home mummy looked in it and she was proud of our school.

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