Teacher Resource Tool Kit

Teacher Resource Tool Kit

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home school tutor & teacher tool kit

Teacher Resource Tool Kit

As a qualified primary / elementary school teacher, parent and supporter of home school education I know the pressure to find good, useful resources quickly. I have home tutored a number of children and always seemed to find myself producing my own worksheets on my computer at the last minute before leaving for the lesson. This is despite having a large library of teaching resource books on my shelves.

I began to realize that I wasn’t using my “real” books as they weren’t always suitable for the child or children I was teaching. They often had too much writing and labelling on them, or too little. Most often the wording was not at the reading level of the child I was teaching.

So, I needed a completely blank sheet that I could work at customizing myself. All I needed was the basic shape, drawing, map or whatever to start with.I have produced many of these for myself over the years, (I’m quite good at computers, graphics and stuff!). I always tried to save them so I could use them again, but guess what, I lost them amongst the thousands of files on my computer.

Now the format of the eBook is important, it has to be readable by ALL computers, so I chose Adobe Acrobat. The reader for these files is free from Adobe and the quality of the print outs, the whole purpose of this book, is very, very high.Why an eBook, (a book that is just a computer file, like a program), and not a printed and bound edition? Well the whole point of this book is speed. If you had a “paper book” you would need to scan or copy the pages you needed first. An eBook is already in your computer. All you have to do is select the pages and print.

With Teacher Resource Tool Kit if you are a parent, teacher or home educator you can plan lessons around the worksheets in the kit specifically for your child.The hard bit, the bit that takes the time, the worksheet creation, is done for you. It is easily and quickly accessible and easily printed out there and then, ready for you kid/s to use. And what’s more they can be used over and over again. Teachers and educator parents know that once is rarely enough to get a concept across to most primary aged kids!

What’s in the Tool Kit

English, maths, science, writing, maps, human body

home school education

number lines, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, patterns

home school education

graphs, grid squares, digital clocks, story boards


home school education

sports fields & pitches, crests and shields


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