What should we do with Algebra?

It is safe to say that algebra is the heart of mathematics. If you genuinely want to know about mathematics and its basics then you should have a complete and in depth knowledge of algebra. Deriving the answer for the product of 223 and 112 is quite easy if you use a computer. But when it comes to exponential (e) of 223 and logarithmic (log) of 112 then obviously, you will need some kind of algebraic calculator or algebra solver . Graphing a circle will be easy for this given formula X2 + Y2 = 4 but when it comes for an inequality like (X-2)2 + (Y-4)2 > 20 then it will be quite harder to plot the graph. In this situation algebra software program can help you a lot because once you enter the inequality in the program, the graph will get drawn automatically within no time. These kinds of software systems can easily resolve any kind of algebraic, arithmetical and radical expressions of any kind of difficulty.

Domain and Range of a Function

Although, deriving the domain and range of a function such as Y = X2 can be easily found by considering the number range on the X-Y plane, defining the domain and range of a log(tan 2x + sin 3x) = cosine(-4)(2x) will be way too difficult. But thanks to algebra calculating systems, you can now solve these complex problems in very little time while being able to understand each and every step that it takes you to successfully solve the mathematical question.

Coordinate Geometry

Now you can easily find the focus and directrix and whether parabola opens up or down by just feeding the equation into algebra software system. In addition, subtraction and multiplication of trinomials, you are more likely to become drained because they require a lot of terms to be manipulated. But algebra calculator will do this job in much less time and with 100% accuracy. Solving determinants and matrices of 3×3 or 4×4 order can become very hard since it involves lots of calculation; getting inverse of matrices even more so. However using algebra software packages will make this task much simpler.

So now you don’t need to start worrying when you see indices, rational numbers or exponential equations. Parabolas, hyperbolas or ellipses can all be easily graphed within computer algebra systems.

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