Why Play Kids Board Games?

It is amazing how playing simple board games,card games or dice games can really help children with their development.

Board games are created to be fun and to entertain but  often help a child socially and academically.

Kids board games are great for encouraging social skills.

A board game is great for teaching kids the concepts of turn taking, sharing and losing as well as the academic stuff such as reading and math.
Gong out to dinner or watching a film together are great activities but do not draw a family together quite like a board game…

Board games are meant to be fun so their is no pressure on the kids to have to learn formally. We have seen our kids grow in confidence and self esteem as they grasp a game and win once in a while.

Patience, interaction and communication are all developed while playing board games.

Children develop focus and lengthen their attention spans whilst waiting to take their turns.

Board games are great for teaching about rules as well. After all you have to follow a set of rules to play a game..

Frustration and disappointment are often felt by children when they lose a game. If they win a game they are happy. A lot of children take this seriously.

Children will need their parents to help them to manage these feeings as they can often get upst after they have lost a game or even if they think they are going to lose.

Board games should not be underestimated for the skills that can be learnt by playing them Math, language, geography problem solving and manipulation are all skills that can be learnt playing board games.

Our favorite games include:

1.Trouble Board Game. A simple game that involves taking your colored pieces around a game board to be the first to get their four game pieces home..
This game involves learning turn taking, losing/winning/ colors, and learning how to count to 12..

2..Blokus Classics Game. This is a game of strategy for children ages five and up. A great game for teaching spatial awareness.

The game Chutes and ladders is a simple game for younger players. Children will learn taking turns, counting and winning/losing.

4.Qwirkle Board Game. A game where you match colors and shapes to win points. It is about strategically placing tiles to win the game. .

5.Scrabble, Boggle, and Balderdash are  games that help kids expand their vocabulary.

Cluedo is a game for older players that will need deduction and problem solving skills.

Chess is a game for older children that teaches, patience, math skills, logical thinking and strategic planning.

8. Zingo helps kids improve visual recognitions. For children of ages 3 and up it is similar to Bingo This has a game for younger kids and another for older kids..
Monopoly is a great classic game.
9.Monopoly is one of our favorite classic games. It helps with stategic planning, money skills and reasoning skills.

We think board games are good. We enjoy spending time together as a family around a board game.

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