Worried about your kids GCSE Maths results?

Is your child taking their GCSE’s this summer?
Worried about their results?

Worry no more!
Even though the exams are just around the corner, ConquerMaths can help students to go up an entire grade in under two weeks!

By logging in to ConquerMaths and following the lesson plan for their specific level of ability, they will be taught just the right lessons to improve their predicted grade.

ConquerMaths is unique in the way it teaches and assesses students; using a combination of effective animations, synchronised with the voice of an exceptional teacher.

Because each animated tutorial is delivered in around 5 minutes, removing all the time wasting aspects of a traditional maths lesson, revision is extremely efficient.

The following grade boosters are available as standard with all subscriptions:

  • Grade E to Grade D Booster - 44 Lessons
  • Grade D to Grade C Booster - 30 Lessons
  • Grade C to Grade B Booster - 15 Lessons
  • Grade B to Grade A and A* Booster - 84 Lessons

You can be confident that by giving your children access to ConquerMaths, you are also giving them access to the World’s most effective Maths Resource, carefully refined over the course of 11 years.

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