Year 6 maths worksheet: Area of rectangles challenge

This is a great worksheet for children to develop their ‘trial and improvement’ methods. The area of the rectangle is 24 sq cm. One side has a length of 17 cm. What must the other side measure? The catch is that only multiplication can be used to find the answer and a calculator is an absolute must!

The aim is to refine the answer closer and closer to the correct one, although this might never be reached! (No cheating by dividing 24 by 17, although this won’t give you a perfect answer!!) Some children become fascinated by this type of question and might need a calculator with a greater number of digits to work with.

Have a look at the page to get a more complete explanation and then see just how close you can get.

This can be found in our Year 6 measurement category.

Tricky rectangle areas

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