Year 6 probability worksheet

This page looks at writing the probability of events happening as a fraction or a decimal fraction.

For example, the probability of getting a head when tossing a coin is 1/2, but this can also be written as 0.5

There are several things to look for on this page:

1. being able to find the probability as a fraction and then simplifying the fraction. Rolling an even number on a 1-6 die is 3/6 or 1/2.

2. being able to convert the decimal into a decimal fraction. Some of these are very easy but others, such as converting 1/52 are difficult. You may like your students to use a calculator to do this.

3. If a calculator is used, round answers to two decimal places.

Again, it is not easy to place events on the number line at the bottom of the page. The main thing to look for is that the events are in the right order and approximately in the right place.

Giving the probability as a fraction or decimal (pg1)

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